Mankato Scout Model


Mankato Birdy Model


Mankato Agena Model


Mankato Half-Pint Model

How To order

● Pick a Mankato model from our catalog.
● Get in touch, you'll receive a form. Together we'll understand your needs and give you a final quote.
● We ask for a 50% deposit to start the build.
● The remaining amount plus shipping (when applicable) is paid when your guitar is finished.
●Non-Brazilian customers can make payments via Paypal or  Crypto (BTC/ETH/ADA/DOT) (the future is here!).
● We'll send you mockups so you can preview how your guitar will look from the start.
● You get photo updates throughout the entire process.
● Currently, one instrument takes 4 to 8 months to be handcrafted.
● We do have special edition guitars finished and ready for sale from time to time.


● We do not make replicas.
● We build a limited number of instruments each year, however, there is a waiting line and you can buy a spot to guarantee order priority.
● Your deposit can be refunded (plus fees) within 7 days, should you give up for any reason.
● After 7 days, your name is committed to parts and woods. Mankato Guitars is not required to refund your deposit. We do however encourage you to sell your spot to other people on the waiting list.
● All sales are final. People handcrafted your guitar for months.
● We reserve the right to deny customizations that could compromise the quality of your guitar.
● We don't do Floyd Roses. That's just a sin.
● For international buyers, we quote prices in USD. We are not responsible for fluctuations in the exchange rate.
● Your instrument will sit in a warm house for 40 days in order to dry out completely.
● Our team has been building electric guitars and basses for almost a decade.
● Can I order a Birdy (for instance) with a Telecaster setup instead of the original setup? Absolutely!