Musician playing a Mankato guitar in the tropical mangrove.

About Us

We are a group of friends and luthiers based in Curitiba, Brazil, committed to preserving the nostalgic essence of vintage guitars while incorporating innovative techniques for improved durability and playability.

Every instrument is handmade with the highest standards of quality and care in all stages of construction.

Our limited, handmade production embraces upcycled and responsibly sourced woods, ensuring each instrument is environmentally conscious and truly one-of-a-kind, just like you.

Vintage aesthetics, modern structure.

Crafted with the finest Brazilian woods.
A respectful, legalized, and sustainable approach, emphasizing reuse whenever possible.

Stainless Steel Frets and
Spokewheel Truss Rod,
Built to Last.

Custom Pickups
Crafted with the finest components.

Artists and Iniciatives

We proudly support!

Monica Agena feat. Mankato Guitars.
Mankato Endorseé

Guitarist, Producer
(Moxine/ Natiruts/ Emicida/ Fernanda Takai/ Céu/ Rael and Many Cool Artists)

Mankato Rock Camp shortscale guitars.

Special models were developed for this wonderful project.

Mulamba feat. Mankato Guitars.
Mankato Endorseés

Musicians Erica Silva e Naira Debértolis.

AJ with Jetpacks and her custom Mankato Scout Guitar.
Mankato Ambassador

Pedal enthusiast, demo artist and space explorer.

Fuzz Records Logo
Mankato Ambassador

Diogo Zotto is our go to Guitar Nerd.