A Mankato Guitars headstock


We're a team of friends, artists and crafty builders based in Curitiba, Brazil. We proudly build electric guitars and basses that we consider works of art.

Every instrument is handmade with the highest standards of quality and care in all stages of construction. By combining the classic building techniques of the 50s with modern technology and comfort, our goal is to provide you with the most amazing and reliable instruments.

50s sparkle

50s Sparkle is our exclusive finish. We were inspired by old drum kits that used to be coated with a more robust sparkle flake. Each flake is applied individually in multiple coats until the instrument is completely refined - that's what we call fancy bling.



Mankatos are made exclusively from Brazilian woods. We use and recycle this raw material in a respectful and sustainable way. We study the characteristics of each piece to achieve maximum strength, lightness and resonance.

  • Spoke Wheel truss rods in every model for top headstock and neck stability.

  • Customy Pickups specially made with state-of-the-art materials.

  • Each guitar is given multiple layers of hand-polished varnish, resulting in a glossy, eye-catching finish that will last for years.


We proudly support

Monica Agena feat. Mankato Guitars.

Guitarist, Producer, Mankato Endorseé (Moxine/ Natiruts/ Emicida/ Fernanda Takai/ Céu/ Rael and Many Cool Artists)

Mankato Rock Camp shortscale guitars.

Special models were developed for this wonderful project

Mulamba feat. Mankato Guitars.

Erica Silva e Naira Debértolis and their custom Mankatos

AJ with Jetpacks and her Mankato Scout

Pedal enthusiast, demo artist and space explorer!