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Mankato Toadcaster Shortscale Bass in 'Graviola' Cream: Experience the unique blend of style and playability with a light, varnished fretboard. Explore the distinctive charm of this shortscale bass in a delightful cream hue.
Toadcaster - Graviola
Limited "Mankato Reserve" Edition
Mankato Birdy Guitar: A symmetrical, cutaway-free design in the captivating 'Caribbean Green.' Left-handed model featuring a Bigsby B5 for a unique touch. Explore the extraordinary with this distinctive instrument.
Birdy "Goofy" - Caribbean Green
Mankato Toadcaster Shortscale Bass in 'Sagui' Black: Dive into the rhythm with this sleek shortscale bass, featuring a distinctive 'Forest Green' headstock.
Toadcaster - Sagui
Limited "Mankato Reserve" Edition
Mankato Half-Pint 3/4 Electric Guitar: Experience big sound in a compact package with this shortscale beauty. Sunburst finish enhances its charm, and mini humbuckers deliver a powerful punch. Discover the perfect blend of size and tone.
"Mankato Sunburst"
Mankato Half-Pint 3/4 Electric Guitar: Unleash the warmth of 'Café com Leite' with this shortscale beauty. Equipped with a Strat-foil set, it's a blend of elegance and sonic excellence, perfect for your musical journey.
Half-Pint "Café com Leite"
Limited "Mankato Reserve" Edition
Luthier's Reserve Special Guitar: Explore the 'Mankato Scout' in the vibrant 'Caribbean Green,' with an exclusive hardware edition by maker Christian Bove. Equipped with a P90 configuration, this guitar is a harmonious blend of artistic design and powerful tones.
Scout - Caribbean Green
Limited "Mankato Reserve" Edition
Luthier's Reserve Special Guitar: Presenting the 'Mankato Scout' in the captivating 'Graviola' shade, featuring special binding and a meticulously handcrafted control plate. Crafted entirely in Brazilian Walnut, this guitar is a unique masterpiece in both design and tone.
Scout - "Brazilian Walnut"
Limited "Mankato Reserve" Edition
Luthier's Reserve Special Guitar: Introducing the 'Mankato Scout' in 'Sagui' hue, a masterpiece by artist Desktopgirl. This exclusive edition features a unique HSS Strato Special configuration for a truly exceptional playing experience.
Scout - DTG Artist Series
Limited "Mankato Reserve" Edition

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Toadcaster, Shortscale Bass Model
Learn MoreDrawing of Toadcaster Frog by Desktopgirl.