Half-Pint "Castanho"

Here's our Half-Pint model custom-built for @ErickCastanho. Showcasing features like Filtertron Pickups and a stunning orange-translucent wooden top.

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Agena "Antigua"

This Agena in "Antigua" finish was custom made for Hilary B. Jones, from the MidRiff Podcast. We hold this project very close to our hearts. MidRiff's work brings incredible content, enriching the world of guitar enthusiasts. Check out our tone-check by Thomas Kossar.

Bonus - Listen to Hilary's Podcast with Founder Luthier Rosie Mankato

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Tiny Loops with Thomas Kossar
Scout meets Birdy!

Short loop featuring the meeting of a Scout Custom Model with 'Special T' pickups and the Birdy Model equipped with PAF Humbuckers and Flatwound strings. A unique blend of tones awaits your ears.

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Custom Half-Pint in Sagui Finish

Custom Half-Pint model in the house favorite 'Sagui' finish. Listen to a blend of clean and gritty tones. This custom model is equipped with a 5-position rotary switch.

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Monica Agena - Signature Model

The Agena herself!

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AJ's "Space Explorer" Scout

Check out the laid-back vibes of this Scout Custom Model. AJ with Jetpacks crafts incredible guitar/effects content on her YouTube channel. Head over there to catch the Scout in action, exploring diverse musical realms!

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