The Mankato Scout stands as our flagship model, boasting the distinction of being the inaugural design. Taking its name from the iconic character "Scout" in the literary classic "To Kill a Mockingbird," this guitar exemplifies true 50s construction standards.

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Neck & Fretboard

25.5" fretboard Size
9,5" fretboard radius
Custom Stainless Steel Neck Plate
High Quality Spoke Wheel Truss Rod
in Stainless steel
Nut Carved Out of Bone or brass
Block Inlays
Stainless Steel 24mm Medium Frets
C Profile neck
Straight One-Piece Neck
Vintage Tuners with Pin Lock by gotoh
fretboard binding


knobs: volume + tone
vintage toggle Switch
Electrical Shielding All Around
stainless Steel Control Plate
neck Pickups: Tele 52 Style
DC Resistance : 7.1k/ Alnico 5 / Plain Enamel Wire 43awg
bridge pickups: tele 52 style
DC Resistance : 7.7k/ Alnico 5 / Plain Enamel Wire 42aw
oil capacitors


solid body
Binding Around The Body
backpainted acrylic pickguard
belly cut
gotoh Telecaster Bridge


Body Finish: Hi-Gloss Poly Finish
Neck Finish: Satin Varnish for Greater Playability
hand polished

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Come with a custom Softcase, a certificate of authenticity and an owner's guide for a complete musical experience.

Mankato Scout Model
Mankato Guitar "Scout" Model
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