Half-Pint Moreré

Half-Pint Moreré, a shortscale model that stands as the last unit of the original Half-Pint version. Equipped with Mini Humbuckers, this guitar delivers a unique tone.

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Neck & Fretboard

22.75" fretboard Size (Shortscale)
9,5" fretboard radius
Custom Stainless Steel Neck Plate
High Quality Spoke Wheel Truss Rod
in Stainless steel
Nut Carved Out of Bone
Dot Inlays
Stainless Steel 24mm Medium Frets
C Profile neck
Angled Headstock
Vintage Tuners


knobs: volume + tone
Selector Switch
Electrical Shielding All Around
Pickups: Mini-Humbuckers
oil capacitors


solid body
Binding Around the Body
Cream pickguard
Hardtail Bridge


Moreré Color
Tobacco Headstock
Hi-Gloss Poly Finish
hand polished

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Come with a custom Softcase, a certificate of authenticity, and an owner's guide for a complete musical experience.

Features we Love

Brazilian Walnut fretboard in the darkest shade we've ever laid eyes on. Just downright gorgeous.

Thick, rich tone.

Neck and headstock in our exclusive "Graviola" color.

Last Half-Pint model with original mini-humbucker setup.

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